Receding Gums

Treatment at Home

Receding GumsReceding gums is common. It is caused by anaerobic bacteria that prosper in environments with no air such as beneath the gum line. Once the gums have begun to recede they cannot grow back. It is therefore important to prevent the gums from receding or to stop the recession.

It is important to brush with a soft toothbrush and to keep the bacteria that is housed in tartar off your teeth. Periogen® offers a receding gums treatment at home by offering an oral rinse that removes tartar from the teeth. With daily use, the bacteria and thus the tartar have nowhere to breed, and your gums and teeth remain tartar-free.

If you want to fix receding gums, your dentist can fashion veneers to cover the exposed dentin. If you have veneers or are thinking of getting them, you will still need to use Periogen® oral rinse because tartar will still have the chance to form. Oral surgeons can also perform gum graphs to restore gum appearance, but again there will still be an opportunity for tartar.