Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use Periogen®?

Can Periogen® hurt enamel?

No, Periogen® cannot damage any type of tooth surface; which are made of calcium phosphate. Periogen® dissolves only tartar, which is comprised of ionic calcium phosphate salt.

Can I use Periogen® to dissolve tartar off my pet’s teeth?

We have no study to indicate Periogen® effectiveness on animals.

Periogen® has fluoride; how much? Why?

Periogen® contains a small percentage of sodium fluoride ions (.04%) in order to have a guaranteed ion source to facilitate tartar dissolution. Typical fluoride toothpastes contain about .24% sodium fluoride, or 6 times as much.

Can I mix Periogen® with other products?

Do not mix Periogen® with other products. This may be unsafe due to a reaction of ingredients from other products. Periogen® needs no other product to eliminate germs and dissolve tartar.

May I use more Periogen® than the label says?

Yes. The amount of Periogen® to use as indicated in the directions is meant to ration the bottle for the maximum amount of applications. There is no limit to how much you can use for a given application.

I was told I have deep pockets. I have 5mm pockets and one 6mm pocket. Can Periogen® help?

Yes, Periogen® can definitely help by dissolving the tartar that is causing the deep pockets. These pockets should have Periogen® applied with a water flosser.

Can Periogen® clog my water flosser like some mouthwashes do?

No. When dissolved, Periogen® goes into solution, and is not a mixture. It is in many ways like a water softener which never clogs water flossers.

The ingredients say Periogen® has citric acid. Isn’t that too acidic?

This is a great question that has been posed by even college professors. Yes, Periogen® contains a considerable amount of citric acid, but it also contains an even greater amount of sodium bicarbonate. When placed in water, these two chemical react; creating carbonic acid (a weak acid) and releasing CO2, thus creating effervesces that dissolves the other ingredients into solution. The resulting solution has a healthy pH of 7.6.

What does Periogen® taste like?

Periogen® has been described as either flavorless or being like a slightly citrus spritzer.

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