Periogen® for Dental Professionals

Your Dental Practice and Periogen®

Periogen® painlessly dissolves subgingival calculus through an in-home, daily irrigation regimen. The results of this innovative treatment may include an end to gum infections and the closing of many periodontal pockets.

If your specialty is dental implants, regular Periogen® use following implant installation can act as an insurance policy against new calculus growth that may result in further degradation of supporting bone. Periogen® may be used daily or as little as two times a week to keep new calculus from forming.

For patients whose teeth are being ejected by periodontal disease, Periogen® may help to reverse this process and prevent tooth extractions. The elimination of subgingival calculus can provide for complete recovery from periodontal disease.

This means many things for a dentist, all of which are beneficial to both the patient and the dental practice.

For example:

    • There is no need to refer a patient to a periodontist for root planing and scaling. This means you can keep your patients under your care.
    • Periogen® loosens and dissolves supragingival calculus thus making routine cleanings easier. This leaves more time for patient education and introduction to cosmetic procedures.
    • Periogen® use may help to eliminate pain and bleeding from periodontal probing. This encourages patients to return for checkups.
    • Periogen® is not a drug, requires no prescription for use, and has no negative side effects.
The Periogen® Company will cooperate with dental practices who wish to sell Periogen® on site for a profit. Otherwise, Periogen® is available for retail sale through our website at