Are you at risk of developing periodontitis?

With Periogen® periodontal oral rinse use, you can avoid the tartar build-up that leads to gingivitis and periodontal disease.

Periodontal disease is customarily broken down into three stages and reflects the seriousness, or severity of the condition. These stage designations are also useful because each has its own particular treatment option. Each stage indicates a more intense level of treatment.


​Periodontitis Stage I

Periodontitis Commonly called gingivitis, which is a minor inflammation of the gums caused by tartar formations at the gum-tooth margin. Periodontal pockets measure less than 3mm. Gingivitis is fairly simple to treat. Improvement in brushing techniques, use of floss or interdental brush during the day and the addition of Periogen® to your dental hygiene regimen is enough to control gingivitis.

If tartar is not removed and kept off of the gum tooth margin, tartar can spread below the gum tooth margin, opening up periodontal pockets and bringing on the second stage.

Stage II Periodontitis

Referred to here as Moderate Gum Disease, this level of periodontitis is exemplified by chronic bad breath, bleeding gums, infectious discharge, swollen gums, canker sores and receding gums. Periodontal probing reveals pocket depths as great as 6mm. If tartar is not removed at the 6mm level, the most serious stage of periodontitis can result.

Stage III Periodontitis

Referred to as Advanced Periodontal Disease, this stage of periodontitis is the level of tooth loss. Sharing all the symptoms of Stage II Periodontitis, deep tartar has grown below 6mm, seriously undermining the foundation of teeth. Teeth may be loose at this point, and in danger of simply falling out. The body takes this level of periodontal disease seriously, and in a process known as host response, an exaggerated immune system response to infection begins to eject diseased teeth for the sake of the rest of the body. There is a way back from this serious condition. Once again, all tartar must be removed. Using a 12mm deep pocket applicator, Periogen® can reach the deepest of periodontal pockets. In the days and weeks after beginning to use Periogen®, the dissolution of tartar will control bacteria and host response will diminish. Gums will clear up and loose teeth will settle back in as best as possible depending on the level of bone loss.