Oral Bacteria

Oral BacteriaBacteria in the mouth can be harmful to your dental hygiene. Oral bacteria or mouth bacteria include a variety of organisms. Some are neutral and/or helpful to our bodies, but many are parasitic, meaning they feed off of bone and gum tissue, thus being destructive to our oral environment.

A single destructive bacillus has no chance of harming your oral health, nor do millions of them, for that matter – they are way too small and we are way too big. However, as their unimpeded growth progresses in periodontal pockets, a process known as “quorum sensing” occurs which, when there are enough potentially destructive bacterium of a particular strain present, they all simultaneously attack the host, meaning us.

The result of such attacks is the destruction of gum and bone tissue which support the teeth. Periogen® does not kill these bacteria outright, but disrupts their communication ability, quorum sensing, so destructive attacks do not occur.

Most significantly, Periogen® removes the tartar where these destructive bacteria live and multiply. With regular use, you will feel confident about your oral health.