About Us

Corporate Vision Statement

Since 2006 The Periogen® Company has sought to provide effective, affordable oral health care products that are easy to use and improve consumer health and well-being. By empowering the consumer with the most effective at home oral health care product, the consumer will realize a greater sense of control over their oral health outcomes. This facilitates daily at-home compliance, more regular and productive dental visits, and a long-term, trusted partnership among the consumer, their dental professional, and The Periogen® Company. We strive to create cohesive collaborations to support dentists and their teams to move their business to the next level.

Corporate Mission Statement

The Periogen® Company seeks to produce the most effective, affordable, globally available at-home oral care product by achieving clinical validation of customer results through multiple double-blind studies looking at prevention and reduction of calculus formation as a result of Periogen® use. Periogen® seeks to introduce additional products that further help consumers achieve a greater sense of control over their oral health outcomes, including dentifrice, oral spray, and oral gel. We seek strategic partnerships within the dental industry to facilitate consumer adoption of Periogen® within a daily at-home routine and more efficient cleanings by dental hygienists due to less calculus and fewer related oral health issues.

The leadership team at The Periogen® Company applies expertise in many key areas including product development, patent approval process, electrical engineering, reverse engineering, dogged problem-solving, clear and accurate communications, strong customer service commitment, and operations excellence. Let Periogen® be your collaborator in this encouraging and inspiring journey toward optimal and affordable oral health care.


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