About the Product

Periogen packaging

Periogen® is a gingivitis oral rinse treatment that prevents and progressively removes plaque and tartar from teeth at home. It’s used in conjunction with regular brushing and dental visits to keep gums healthy. Clinical Studies have proven the link between oral bacteria, plaque, tartar (calculus), gingivitis and gum disease. Periogen® interrupts this cycle by removing plaque and tartar from teeth thus preventing and reversing gingivitis.

Working together with dental professionals and patients, Periogen® strives to eradicate all levels of gum disease throughout the world. This simple addition to home oral care is proven effective for keeping plaque and tartar off teeth. Periogen® gingivitis oral rinse can be used just like a mouthwash or delivered via an oral irrigator. Daily use is as important as brushing and flossing.

A recently completed, double-blind clinical study shows that users realized a 45% reduction in plaque and tartar indexes as measured after 6 months of Periogen® use as compared to brushing alone.

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